5 Ways Managed Services Helps You Stay Competitive

Brian Baglieri
By: Brian Baglieri
Date: August 28, 2017

There’s a lot of talk about businesses relying on IT to help as a consulting organization to drive transformation and digitization. But how can IT leaders help their organizations leverage new technologies when they’re busy maintaining software systems?

If you believe IT should serve as a service and support organization, then it probably isn’t concerning to learn that IT spends nearly 80 percent of its time and budget on systems maintenance. But if you subscribe to the philosophy that IT’s role is to drive digital transformation, you need a competitive mindset shift, and here’s where a managed services partner comes in.

The journey toward operational excellence

Take a long, hard look at your IT infrastructure and services spending. Is the bulk of time spent on day-to-day application support, help desk administration or customization care? Are you paying for talent to support legacy systems but not keeping up with the latest applications? Perhaps you’re thinking of hiring and training talent to support new, modern applications, but you may want to think twice about that strategy: by the time they’re up to speed, you’re already out of date and needing to start the process over again.

Managed services eliminates the headaches of managing HCM and ERP systems and helps to reduce operational costs. By moving to a managed services model, you can take advantage of the latest software features and functionality without needing specific skill sets.

Here are some other reasons to consider managed services:

Predictable IT expenses: Instead of employing full-time specialists, your IT team can access specific skills only when it needs them, and pay only for this dedicated support.

Diversified skill sets: The right managed services provider will have talent familiar with a wide range of legacy systems as well as up-to-date on the broader suite of Infor software and solutions. Rather than a permanent resource on the team, get access to the skills (and pay for it) only when you need it.

Business continuity: Ensure your systems work as they should by turning over responsibility for system reliability to a third-party expert who will run your IT infrastructure and develop your technical environment following strict key performance indicators. A managed services provider can help minimize downtime and disruption by adhering to best practices.

SLA-driven solution delivery: If you suffer an outage, you’ll be able to get back in operation as soon as possible with guaranteed stand-by service for functional or technical problems.

Blended models (remote and on-site): Eliminate concerns about communication skills, management styles and time zones. With a blended managed services model, you’ll have the ability to employ the best resources needed for your engagement with the flexibility to complement your onsite team.

You can save money, reduce risk, and improve system reliability with managed services. Whether you start big or start small, that’s up to you. Managed services is designed to scale to meet your business needs. Let’s talk about how we can free your staff from managing all the technical details, including software installations, issue resolution, performance monitoring, database administration, and security checks, and get back to being strategic contributors to your business.

Brian Baglieri is practice director, Managed Services at Avaap. Get in touch with Avaap for solutions to enhance your Infor software experience.

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