Avaap CEO Offers Three Predictions for 2015

By: Avaap
Date: January 20, 2015

The New Year is a time to look ahead, but also a good occasion to reflect back. 2014 was a year of tremendous growth for Avaap, with new marquee customers in the public sector, healthcare and retail verticals; completed four successful Infor10 upgrades/migrations and new features added to our existing products. Dhiraj Shah President and CEO Avaap

Our customers have played a major part in our continued success and we appreciate everyone who trusted Team Avaap with their Infor software implementation or installed an Avaap product.

Predicting the year ahead is never an easy thing to do, but here’s what we expect to see on the horizon:

More Healthcare Organizations will Embrace Cloud Solutions. Stephan Scholl, president of Field Operations for Infor, noted that Infor’s cloud bookings have increased 200 percent year on year. Infor is the first company to deliver industry suites in the cloud, enabling customers to move their mission-critical operations, not just their edge applications, to a standard cloud. The lion share of healthcare organizations have already implemented or are considering cloud solutions.  With updating infrastructure, making IT more efficient and optimizing data centers high on the business priority list, cloud solutions are sure to be on the upswing.

There will be Sharper Focus on Retooling Business Processes for Greater Efficacy. The last twenty years of productivity gains in the U.S. economy have largely been driven by applying technology to existing processes. Streamlined processes and the means to achieve greater efficacy supports higher productivity and is essential for escalating business performance. But the next phase is re-engineering processes, rather than just applying technology to them. For example, organizations moving to Infor10 can automate software testing to increase speed and accuracy of the testing process and keep the upgrade program on track. An automated approach does more than reduce manual keystrokes; it provides visibility across the entire testing process, enabling organizations to respond to issues faster and be proactive during upgrades. For healthcare organizations dealing with other issues such as ICD-10 compliance, resources are freed to manage core initiatives rather than focus on system testing.

A One-Size-Fits-All Technology Approach will Give Way to More Specialized, Industry-Specific Solutions. Generic software systems require time-consuming configuration, prohibiting organizations from acting fast and staying current with an intensive and changing regulatory environment. We’ll see more organizations taking advantage of solutions specifically tailored for their industry to solve distinct requirements, whether that’s in the public sector or food, retail or financial industries.

Of course, some things won’t change: Enterprise IT will still be called upon to present measurable-ROI metrics for its recommendations. In most organizations, the pace of change will be faster than the pace of staffing for that change. End users will still want what they want when they want it.

Both the new things we see on the horizon, as well as those old standbys we can count on, can benefit from a trusted technology partner. On behalf of everyone at Avaap, thank you for making us that partner for your organization.

Contact your regional Avaap representative and let us help you extend the value of your Infor investment.

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