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Massimo Emilione
By: Massimo Emilione
Date: May 16, 2018

By 2025, there will be 163 trillion gigabytes of data, and it will continue to grow exponentially. But what good is all this data if it isn’t organized and molded into usable, consumable information?

Organizations typically have data coming from multiple, disconnected sources, much of which is likely not even monitored. Inability to access up-to-date data from a centralized location impedes business leaders’ ability to get a complete overview of the business and its activities.

Advanced analytics drive faster decision-making for better business outcomes, increased productivity, and sustainable competitive advantage. So, why aren’t companies there yet?

Cultivating Culture through Data

Company culture is still seen as a top barrier to workplace digital transformation. Creating a data-driven culture requires fundamental change to business strategies and commitment to fact-based decisions. While it doesn’t happen overnight, it is essential for business leaders to buy into a data-first culture quickly and help employees understand how data-driven decision-making will benefit them.

More than three-quarters of organizations are investing in the proliferation of data empowering artificial intelligence and cognitive learning, with the number one goal of data/AI investments being to create a culture of fact-based decision-making through advanced analytics.

Where to Start

How can you advance the business in new ways using data? Make it easy! Tools, dashboards, and visualizations can all be used to tell the story of what is happening inside a business. Capture KPI data in graphical format to manage what you measure and create views on the metrics that are important to your business.

Birst through Silos

The Infor acquisition of Birst creates new opportunities for Infor customers to leverage integrated advanced analytics and tap into the power of data. Birst BI bridges the gap and eliminates information silos, creating a single version of the truth. Birst allows users to access information in a way that is meaningful and leads to more informed decisions.

The right systems integrator will be experienced in Infor software and BI to help customers develop interactive dashboards to track key data points relevant to the business, department, or specific process based on business goals. An experienced implementation consultant can increase the probability of success with Birst and illustrate how easy it is for the average person to connect many different sources of data in the ERP system without doing a complicated integration.

Drilling Down

Organizations can take a top-down approach to aligning mission-critical company goals with modern day dashboards and visualizations. Good data visualizations increase understanding, making it more likely for people to act on the information.

Some examples of this top-down approach in an organization may include a human resources manager tracking how long it takes to fill a job opening or a finance leader reviewing how many invoices the organization has open.

Better. Faster. Stronger.

Becoming more effective, moving faster, and making better decisions are top priorities for business leaders that can be achieved through improved data analysis. The better an organization gets at extracting information and acting on insights from analytics the more streamlined its operations become.

The hardest part of becoming more agile through data analytics is just getting started. A good consultant can help prioritize opportunities and help you understand where to get the biggest bang for your investment as well as prioritize additional projects to help build a long-term and successful business intelligence program.

Learn how Birst + Infor CloudSuite can help your organization achieve true data visibility. Watch the presentation on-demand.

American Business Awards Technology Professional of the Year Massimo Emilione is the practice director of products and Birst BI at Avaap. He works with organizations to derive the most value from their Infor investments.

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