Consultant Corner: Partnership Power and Embracing the Cloud

Jason Bueno
By: Jason Bueno
Date: April 03, 2017

If you have implemented an ERP system before, you know the planning and research stages should not be taken lightly. Going into the selection process with a mindset of getting the system installed and customizing later is typical in on-premise installations, but it also has proven dangerous, resulting in systems that are expensive and complex to maintain. Robust cloud ERP with industry-specific functionality is designed to help organizations avoid the need for customizations, but some organizations continue to bring the customize mentality when going to the cloud. Doing so can limit the value of your Infor Cloud investment and increase the chances of project failure.

Business Resource Investment Pays

A key reason organizations end up customizing ERP software is because they do not invest heavily in understanding their ERP from the beginning; specifically, they do not invest in the internal subject matter expert’s time on the implementation. One of the first steps in the implementation process is analyzing current business processes and aligning them with the ERP solution and ultimately, how business process can be improved. When organizations do not apply enough rigor in this step, they are not allowing their software to be used to its full potential, often not recognizing the intended process design the solution was built to promote, business process best practices, and even missing software functionality all together. Molding an ERP system without question to your current processes does not allow for workflow improvement and may limit cost savings.

Moving to the Cloud Partnership Mentality and Why Experienced Consultants Help

“Without question” – this is the way many information technology professionals work with their business counterparts – as in, “give me your requirements.” Information technology is often perceived as a services career, but ultimately, the technology professional’s best form of service is actually in partnership.

As more robust ERP solutions like Cloudsuite Financials and Supply Management have moved to the cloud, technology professionals must adopt a different mindset from service to partnership to help business resources align business processes to the ERP. Consultant organizations with deep industry experience gained across multiple customer engagements combined with a deeply ingrained heritage in the ERP can be a powerful partner to your business resources in making that early investment.

The right consultants can help with decision-making processes, identify opportunities for business process reengineering and ensure the software is used effectively, helping you obtain the greatest value from your software investment. These consulting organizations tend to also have the best project management philosophy and implementation methodology that matches that spirt of partnership leading to longer term success.

Jason Bueno is CloudSuite Financials practice director at Avaap. Join Jason, William Riordan, and others on Friday, April 7 as they share insights on Infor CloudSuite Financials and its Accounts Payable invoice automation capabilities. Register Here.

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