Demystifying Infor: What does it take to convert from LS/STS to ADFS?

Andy Woodward
By: Andy Woodward
Date: January 08, 2019

We’ve received a great many inquiries about the end of support notice for Lawson Security as Secure Token Service or LS as STS. Most commonly its “What do I need to do to prepare for this?” or “How will this impact my Infor system?”

First, let’s discuss what LS as STS is and what will be replacing it.

What is LS as STS and ADFS?

LS as STS is a software component developed by Infor to support a token-based single sign-on to the legacy Lawson software environments (LSF and Landmark) now being accessed via the Infor Ming.leTM user interface. LS as STS will be replaced by Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services or ADFS. You may ask, “What is ADFS?” and “Why is Infor making this change?”

ADFS is an industry standard claims-based authorization between trusted applications. ADFS is used by products such as Office365 and other SaaS applications. ADFS is a secure, standard SAML 2 identity provider. ADFS has been required for all other Infor applications for about a year, as well as the Infor Cloud. ADFS has been supported by LSF since version 10.0.5 and is now required by LSF 10.0.10.

What do I need to do?

At a minimum, customers will need to create a unique ADFS instance for each of their environments, for instance Prod, Test, Dev, etc. To implement this, ADFS will require that your Infor (Lawson) systems be HTTPS enabled. If you have already done this, you are ahead of the game. If not, you will need to provide certificates for each web endpoint. Once these prerequisites are met, the process to complete the move to ADFS can be completed.

What’s changing?

The biggest difference users will see is at login time. If you are currently LDAP bound to Active Directory (AD), users may use their AD name, for example “jaysmith”. With ADFS, the login will include the domain, for example “”.

Key points to remember:

  • End of support for LS as STS is March 2019. ADFS is required from this date forward.
  • ESP10 released in May 2018 requires ADFS.
  • ADFS requires SSL (HTTPS) for all Lawson products.
  • Deployment of Infor OS or Infor OS Lite (Ming.le 12) will require ADFS

Before you apply the latest LSF Environment Service Pack 10, plan to make the switch to ADFS.

Need assistance updating to ADFS? Take advantage of our special fixed fee promotion. The offer is per instance (e.g. production, test, dev, etc.) and includes*:

  • Project Planning
  • HTTPS-enable all web endpoints
  • Install Infor Federation Services and reconfigure Lawson System Foundation (LSF), Landmark Runtime Environment (LRE) & Ming.le for ADFS.
  • Knowledge Transfer on IFS administration

For more information or for pricing, please complete the form below.

* Smart Office extra. Minimum ADFS-compatible product versions apply. See your Avaap Account Executive for details.

Andy Woodward is the Practice Director of Technology at Avaap, helping customers get the most value from their Infor investments and upgrades. Want to learn more about the transition to ADFS? See our latest YouTube Video.

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