Dispelling Common Infor10 Myths

By: Avaap
Date: June 30, 2014

Major system upgrades happen infrequently and many IT professionals either haven’t been a part of the process or developed the skills necessary to lead a successful migration. If you’re tasked with handling your organization’s upgrade initiative and feeling overwhelmed about how you’ll get from Infor version 9 to Infor10 Lawson S3, you’re probably not alone.

We hear questions all the time about what is changing, what’s staying the same, what are the right resources or bandwidth required and other general inquiries about how to plan for success. We know there’s confusion in the market and we’ve identified some of the common myths surrounding Infor10 Lawson S3. If you hear of others, reach out to your regional Avaap representative and we’ll debunk and include them in a future issue of the Insider.

Here are the ones we hear most often and our attempt at setting the record straight:

Fact or fiction: The Infor Lawson Portal application will be retired

True! As a product, the Infor Lawson Portal will be decommissioned, but the functionality is built into Infor Ming.le. Infor Ming.le is part of Infor’s ongoing commitment to redefining Infor Lawson software and provides a centralized platform for collaboration, business process improvement, and contextual analytics.

Fact or fiction: Design Studio is no longer available

False! Design Studio is still available and existing screen customizations will migrate as part of the application upgrade.  There may be some instances that require additional effort, depending on how customizations were built and the fields that have been modified, but as a general rule screens that are unique to your business will be automatically migrated.

Fact or fiction: Users must use Infor Smart Office (ISO)

False! There are two options for Lawson user interfaces. One is Infor Smart Office (ISO) and the other is Infor Ming.le.  Infor Smart Office is a great user interface for power users and those looking to leverage the power of a desktop client. Infor Ming.le is a web application framework that provides a common user interface with Single Sign-On for integrated Infor applications.

Fact or fiction: Users will need to rebuild all ProcessFlows

False! The Infor Process Automation platform includes a migration utility to seamlessly migrate all of your existing flows and supports a broad assortment of methods for connecting to outside resources, including web services, Java-based connections, URL links, SQL queries and updates, flat file connections, and most other industry standard methods. There are also many great enhancements with the new platform. We recommend examining your ProcessFlows after they’ve been imported to determine ways to modify or enhance the number of nodes for control of flow.

Fact or fiction: Kerberos authentication is required to replace LDAP

False! You do have another option – Security Token Service (STS) authentication.

Choosing the right option depends on factors such as whether you exclusively use Infor Lawson or a variety of software solutions from other vendors.  Kerberos does replace the LDAP bind and has been for those customers using not only Infor9 Lawson S3 but outside Infor products such as INFOR EAM. STS does not replace the bind, it still has to be in place, but STS is another option available. With LSF 10.0.5, ADFS is now supported as a third option for authentication.

Fact or fiction: LID gets sunset

True! While LID is still available for administrators, Lawson forms cannot be accessed via LID as LAUA has been retired.

Fact or fiction: Payroll customers must be on Tax Factory 10 by November 30, 2014

True! There is a decommission notice from Infor Extreme for Tax Factory 9. Right now you have to be on these release levels: 9.0. 1.11 or or 10.0.03 or 10.0.04 environment service pack as well. We know there is a prerequisite of or higher environment, but payroll customers will have to be 9. 0.1.11 or higher.

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