Five Time Savers HR Can Leverage Right Now

Jodi Briganti
By: Jodi Briganti
Date: June 18, 2019

Save Time with Infor GHR

Is your management asking you to do more with less? Are mundane repetitive transactional tasks getting in the way of you being able to perform analytical work or get more involved with other organizational activities? Would you like to get hours back in your day?

Say it with me, HR professionals: Yes!

Human resources has been one huge manual machine for decades, stealing hours from HR professionals who should be spending time engaging directly with employees and handling complex tasks that strengthen the business, not activities that could be handled through automation. Many of our customers are lightening the load using Infor Global Human Resources (GHR) for automation of HR activities such as recruitment, the administration of benefits, and the management of employee records. Here are a few ways Infor GHR can help you capture some lost time and use it productively:

Preset Email Templates Infor GHR allows organizations to set up templates in the initial build for standard communication, such as automated notifications. Real-time notifications save time by eliminating the need to manually notify others in the organization when changes occur. For example, as employee records are updated or changed, it might require manager’s input from the action in some way. Notifications can be set to send automatically when changes are logged in employee records using the pre-made templates.

Automate Approvals Break through bottlenecks and cut time spent chasing down signatures by taking advantage of automated approvals. Automated approvals are built in the system, rather than requiring users to create an approval process from scratch. Starting with a pre-built structure for the approval process in the IPAs saves a ton of time for the initial build.

Use Preconfigured Roles Receiving preconfigured security roles with the delivered product means the security matrix needs only editing, instead of creation, as previously done in older technology. New roles can be set up and edited easily by copying existing roles and adding or removing them, as necessary.

Automate Job Descriptions Job descriptions are a deliverable of the system with configurable output, if the competency management or qualifications pieces are fully built. It does take work to build out the competencies and job descriptions, but when it is fully automated, it is highly valuable. As HR organizations think about the employee life cycle, automating job descriptions sets the groundwork for more efficient requisition, onboarding, and goal and performance appraisal processes, as well as being helpful to the learning development and succession programs.

Real-time Reporting Infor GHR’s real-time insights deliver the right data at the right time, from all types of workforce data, enabling HR professionals to make faster, data-driven decisions and more effectively define policies and processes. The reporting functionality in Infor GHR is configurable and immediate for end users, resulting in a simplified way for HR to build processes to manage costs and empower a more productive workforce. In addition to saving time, GHR offers flexibility to run simple ad hoc reports to extract needed data directly from the main screens or ‘dashboards’ users work in daily.

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Jodi Briganti is an HCM principal consultant and trainer/mentor at Avaap. An Infor Lawson HCM veteran, Jodi spends her time training the Avaap consulting team and our clients on the value of automation and Infor GHR.

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