Five Ways EAM Can Create a More Pleasing Patient Experience

Brett Weiss
By: Brett Weiss
Date: February 06, 2017

As the healthcare industry strives for more patient-oriented processes under value-based care models, hospitals are implementing strategies to deliver safer care and better outcomes against the backdrop of an outstanding experience. Investing in an enterprise asset management (EAM) system can be the competitive differentiator that allows hospital facilities to improve patient satisfaction as well as internal function. Here are five factors that can influence patient outcomes and experience with help from an EAM solution:

Find the right equipment

Time can be everything when it comes to a patient’s health. Locating equipment is often challenging, especially when it has been hidden or misplaced and is not properly tracked. An EAM system working in conjunction with a real time locating system (RTLS) can identify exactly where equipment and devices reside in real time. Patients get the treatment they need faster, potentially reducing the length of stay and readmissions. Bonus: nurses and care givers can spend more time with patients, not hunting down equipment.

Proactive maintenance

Just as much of a problem as not being able to find equipment is locating equipment that is not fully functional or working as designed. An EAM solution can measure how well equipment is performing, if it is calibrated optimally and trigger maintenance alerts when performance falls below desired thresholds. Proactive equipment maintenance ensures the proper equipment is optimized and available to be used when it is needed.

Increased safety

When the right equipment can be found and is assured to be up-to-date on maintenance checks, it plays an important role in patient safety and experience as well as ability to deliver timely, high quality care. Maintaining a safe environment reflects a level of patient care and concern while improving the work environment. Additionally, hospitals running on automated systems are able to minimize human error and oversight.

Controlled Environment

EAM solutions allow for the ability to control aspects of the patient’s physical environment to increase comfort. Patient feedback can be used to gauge temperature, lights, and other comfort factors to provide data-driven insight to improve the overall patient experience. With patient satisfaction measuring through HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) surveys playing a strong role in value-based care, and quality ratings impacting hospitals financially, EAM can help improve scores by connecting patient experience data to asset performance. Hospitals are then able to take additional measures that increase patient satisfaction, whether it’s dimming the lights earlier in the evening or ensuring carts aren’t excessively squeaking. These small improvements can change a patient’s stay from good to great.

Decreased costs

Because there is so much technology in connection with a patient’s hospital stay, upkeep and replacement of the different devices and equipment has driven up the average cost per patient day. With proactive maintenance, mentioned earlier, costs related to medical technology and equipment maintenance will go down, reflected in costs to the patient as well. EAM solutions help facility managers find such inefficiencies and areas that can be leaned down.

Enterprise asset management solutions are designed to automate the essentials to allow hospitals to focus on what matters: delivering quality care, better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction. Proactive management of assets can have a positive impact on patient experience and enable hospitals to compete under value-based care models.

To learn more about the benefits of Infor EAM, download “No More Squeaky Wheels: Using Enterprise Asset Management to Boost Patient Satisfaction.”

Brett Weiss is vice president of Healthcare at Avaap. He has a track record of success working with healthcare organizations to implement Infor EAM, ERP and other strategic business applications.

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