Kick Manual Testing Methods to the Curb

By: Avaap
Date: January 22, 2014

Looming deadlines are a reality in nearly every IT shop. But even with more strategic initiatives bubbling up at the top of the to-do list, regression testing is mandatory. Whether it’s implementing new applications, routine system maintenance or readying for a major upgrade, software testing ensures business systems perform optimally.

Unfortunately, many IT organizations rely on manual Infor Lawson software testing, which increases labor costs, reduces employee productivity and consumes large amounts of time. As a result, resources are unavailable to focus on regular daily priorities. Additionally, manual methods of capturing data and application information are prone to inaccuracies, increasing operational and reputation risk.

Whether you’re readying to undergo a major Infor system upgrade or aiming for continuous process improvement in your IT strategy, automating Infor Lawson testing can save time and drive a more efficient testing process.

How can automating the testing process benefit you?

It puts time back on your side. Regression testing is critical to ensure that system features aren’t negatively impacted by any software or data changes. However, it’s labor-intensive and requires collaboration across different business areas, contributing to delays in the testing process. When issues are detected, it may require additional cycles to ensure all features are operational and work as desired. Automating the testing process streamlines workflow and eliminates bottlenecks, reducing the time and effort required for regression testing, helping IT administrators reclaim their time and focus on more strategic activities.

It helps reduce IT labor costs. Testing requires skilled IT resources and it consumes a lot of time on development schedules. Manual testing processes require top talent to spend time on activities that don’t add a lot of value, such as repetitive test tasks, and not analytics. As systems grow and increase in complexity, the testing team tends to remain the same, making it difficult to keep pace and maintain a high-quality testing process. Automating Infor Lawson software testing enables you to test more thoroughly with fewer resources.

It adds speed and accuracy to the testing process. High-performance organizations depend on reliability and availability of their critical business applications and ensuring systems work accurately after implementing new features is necessary. But with more applications and multiple collaborators contributing to the process, testing is limited and it often results in schedule delays. With automated Infor Lawson testing software and electronic workflow, development teams can facilitate more completeness in their testing cycles and speed up the required steps before rolling out new functionality.

It creates a reusable and repeatable process. Repeatable tests make sure the environment runs the same way it did previously without any issues. Manual test processes make it difficult if not impossible to recreate each and every dimension of the environment when trying to repeat a test. With an automated solution, a single script can test various hardware and software performance.

Automated testing eliminates high-cost, low-value activity and produces a higher quality testing program. Isn’t it time you kicked manual testing of Infor Lawson to the curb?

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