Make the Most of Your Testing Time

Massimo Emilione
By: Massimo Emilione
Date: April 06, 2017

We’ve had a lot of conversations about testing since the launch of Avaap Test Automation testingin 2011, and in all this time, we’ve yet to find someone who loves testing. Testing is a time-consuming, laborious process without the proper insights and tools. According to a survey conducted by Avaap, Infor software users typically spend more than 100 hours testing software during an upgrade. Despite spending all that time testing to ensure software works the way it should, more than half the respondents feel testing in their organization is not thorough or accurate.

Testing may not seem like the best use of resources, but not doing it can risk stability and increase costs due to overlooked software issues. Even with good processes in place, manual testing may take more time that planned, resulting in skipping through or compressing test scenarios to meet planned go-live dates.

Automated testing is more comprehensive and can minimize frustration, lower costs, increase efficiency, and boost productivity. Avaap’s automated testing solution can save your team from testing fatigue and allow them to focus on revenue-generating activities.


Before automating your test scenarios, determine what you want to test and how in depth you want to test processes. A clear understanding of the functional requirements and how the end user will use the system play an important role in test execution. These determinations will change how you will test scenarios. For example, when testing requisitions, one will need to decide if they are testing RQC or RQ10, and will they use IPA or RQ13. Understanding testing objectives can support creation of well-documented test scripts and save confusion and headaches down the road.


Before automating a script, it’s helpful to rehearse your process so the correct flow can be captured. Because the person in charge of testing may not be running transactions every day, verifying all the steps in a process will help ensure accuracy. Since data tends to change, it is also important to be sure that the latest dataset is being used.


When creating automated scripts for a process, the first test script should begin with logging into the Infor (Lawson) portal, followed behind with a script that handles all data initialization values. This will allow users to reuse scripts and to quickly modify data for similar scenarios, shortening test-building time in the future.

With increasing pressure to save time, cut costs and be more efficient, automated testing can provide a more thorough, accurate process with minimal resources. We’re ready to help you make it happen.

Massimo Emilione is the Product and Delivery manager for Avaap, recipient of the American Business Award’s Technical Professional of the Year award and go-to guy for anything related to automating Infor software testing for patch application and upgrades. Use the form below to request a complimentary product demonstration of Avaap Test Automation.

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