New Functionality for Avaap Test Automation

By: Avaap
Date: July 29, 2014

System testing performed manually is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and inaccurate. It’s also a drain on morale and ties up resources from making more strategic contributions.

Automated system testing changes that dynamic. Test automation shortens the cycle time, resulting in greater efficiency, more thorough testing and greater visibility into test results. Avaap Test Automation (ATA) tests Infor Lawson patches, modifications and system changes in a more efficient manner. Automated system testing increases testing accuracy so users can spot issues before they become larger problems and ensure optimal system performance.

Feedback to ATA been overwhelmingly positive, inspiring us to work harder at making it better. Here’s a look at what’s new:

IE10 and Java 8 support  Avaap Test Automation (ATA)

Multiple URLs can open in a single test scriptThis allows you to test multiple pages within one script so that multiple test plans do not need to be conducted.

Test plans can be run from command promptThis allows you to schedule your test plan to run over night, minimizing disruption to business users.

Type and click actions can now be used with variables instead of using the put actionThis will decrease the changes required.

Variables can now be used inside the data fieldsThis allows you to reuse scripts without changing the data values.

Converter process has been updatedThe converter button is now located at the top of the page so it can be accessed in any open tab in the recorder window.

Prevent inadvertent conversionsWhen converting you will only be allowed to click convert once, eliminating any inadvertent key strokes.

Real-time visibility into conversion progressNew enhancements increase visibility into when conversions have been kicked off and completed. Upon completion, ATA will shut down all IE windows and automatically refresh the test plan. This saves time, streamlines the process and speeds script playback.

Reusable scripts – Scripts that contain output-only text fields used in Infor Lawson 9 can now be used in Infor Lawson 10. ATA has been updated to allow for changes made by Infor when going from Lawson 9 to 10. You will not have to update the script when moving to Lawson 10. This update, as well as other changes made in the past including login button, buttons that are now links, and submit objects vs button objects, can continuously be used without having to make changes to your scripts when upgrading to lawson10.

Spending time on repetitive testing tasks is time that could be better spent on core responsibilities or advancing business goals. View our recent webinar to learn more about Avaap Testing Automation. Or, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with your regional Avaap representative for a personal demonstration.

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