Operable Devices, Patient Satisfaction and the Role of EAM

Brett Weiss
By: Brett Weiss
Date: September 07, 2017

There are many aspects of a hospital infrastructure, from the electrical and plumbing systems to the HVAC to the grounds work that patients probably don’t notice, until they fail. Patients that have a poor experience – whether from a leaky faucet or out-of-service elevator – can impact patient satisfaction survey scores, hospital ratings and reimbursements.

Patients and their families encounter a hospital’s assets from the minute they enter the campus or facility. An Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution helps protect the framework of a hospital or healthcare facility as well as its biomedical devices and equipment to create an optimal care environment and improve the patient experience.

As the cloud transitions from early adopter to ubiquitous warehouse of all things digital, cloud-based EAM becomes a reality for more healthcare organizations, allowing for a lower cost of ownership and greater ability for strategic planning.

Consolidation Amid Merger and Acquisition Activity

According to a survey by Capital One Healthcare, thirty-eight percent of executive respondents report merger and acquisition transactions are driving their growth plans for 2017. As hospitals grow, they cannot effectively perform asset management manually or with spreadsheets, as the risk for inaccuracy and loss of data skyrockets. Additionally, the proliferation of devices has resulted in a variety of challenges from integrating data to cyber security, managing recalls and maintenance and management of biomedical devices. An EAM system in the cloud allows for scalability and flexibility as well as increased visibility, supporting any expansion plans.

Ease Maintenance Worries

EAM turns the old way internal maintenance works on its head. Rather than a reactive approach, work orders and maintenance schedules can be performed proactively to maximize uptime, facilitate compliance and ensure equipment operates as it should. Instead of tracking down purchase records or legacy documents to learn the history of an equipment item, it’s all available at your fingertips in real time. This allows equipment managers to have visibility into the equipment life cycle and its location in the facility, ensuring physicians, nurses and other caregivers always have the right tools at the right time so they can give patients the attention and care they deserve.

Say Goodbye to Modifications

On-premise, out-of-the-box solutions often cannot accommodate healthcare’s unique requirements, such as monitoring the credentials of individuals maintaining the equipment or documenting adherence to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. This led to the introduction of modifications, making it harder to implement updates and patches.

An EAM solution based in the cloud and designed for healthcare eliminates the need for modifications. Cloud solutions allow the ability to personalize features, such as forms and dashboards, without worry of making changes to the system’s code.

Patients need to be treated in environments conducive to healing with working biomedical devices and equipment. With proactive enterprise asset management deployed in the cloud, all attention can be brought back to patients and providing them with the best experience and outcomes.

Brett Weiss is Vice President of Healthcare at Avaap. He has a track record of success working with healthcare organizations to implement Infor EAM, ERP and other strategic business applications.

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