MOM Template Set for Infor M3

Create documents with speed, ease, and lower costs


Create documents with speed, ease, and lower costs

Avaap’s MOM template framework allows for fast and easy form output and document creation for organizations that rely on Infor M3. Developers can choose from more than a dozen pre-configured templates, reducing time to create branded documents and fewer errors, lower costs, and delays. Avaap’s MOM template framework provides the flexibility and framework to create branded output documents with less time, money, and development effort.

Avaap’s MOM Template Set for Infor M3 eliminates an estimated 75 percent of the changes needed for documents including manual invoices, account statements, shop traveler and order confirmations. This greatly reduces the time required by IT resources to configure documents to comply with brand standards and guidelines, allowing them to work on more strategic activities.

Product Highlights

Greatly reduces consulting hours for document configuration and branding efforts

Save development time spent tailoring documents to specific brand quality standards, freeing resources to focus on more important critical activities.

Improve layout and document legibility

Documents created with Avaap’s MOM template set will have an appealing layout and simple to read design.

Eliminates an estimated 75 percent of development needed for documents

More than a dozen pre-configured templates are available, removing many necessary changes needed for standard documents in M3.

Customizable to your brand with less time and effort

Avaap’s MOM Template set allows for easier customization, incorporating your brand logo and design. Maintain brand standards and higher document accuracy.


Available Templates:

  • Invoice (OIS199PF)
  • AR Manual Invoice (ARS121PF)
  • Statement of Account (ARS149PF)
  • Statement of Account Report (ARS512PF)
  • Order Confirmation (OIS606PF)
  • Purchase Order (PPS601PF)
  • Claim Note (PPS821PF)
  • Check (APS141PF)
  • Product Costing (PCS250PF)
  • Shop Traveler (PMS241PF)
  • Selected Location Spec – Movements (MMS178PF)
  • Physical Inventory. Perform (MMS303PF)
  • Print Physical Inventory Variances (MMS304PF)
Avaap's MOM Template Set for Infor M3

Improve document layout and legibility


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Avaap has invested heavily in software development to extend the capabilities of Infor software. Our JumpStart solutions were developed in response to customer demand for accurate, easier and faster software implementation, data migration and to enable customers rapid access to critical information. We take customer feedback seriously and continue to refine and enhance our solutions to improve business processes, increase efficiency and deliver faster time to value of our customers’ Infor Lawson and M3 investments.

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