Seven Types of People You’ll Meet at Inforum 2018

Melissa Prusher
By: Melissa Prusher
Date: August 23, 2018

We love Inforum – the annual event that brings Infor customers together for a few action-packed days of learning, networking, and experiencing in all-things Infor. Avaap has been a show sponsor or attendee since the conference was branded CUE, but despite the name and venue changes, there are some things that remain constant: the types of people attending Inforum.

Sure, the 7,000 attendees representing 68 countries and multiple industries have unique qualities, business goals, and other requirements, but there are some staple archetypes you can find when Inforum is in full swing. So, who are the people you’ll meet in D.C. during the last week of September at Inforum 2018?

  1. The Networker
    The Networker 

    We love when The Networker stops by the Avaap booth! The Networker is all about meeting Infor leadership, Avaap consultants, and other session attendees including HR, finance, and supply chain professionals from other organizations and industries. Networking aficionados are in luck – from cocktail receptions to lunch in the hall, there are lots of opportunities to connect at Inforum 2018.
  2. The Education Junkie
    The Education Junkie 

    Whether you want to learn more about Birst networked analytics, achieve certification credits, or hear how Infor applications are helping to drive business transformation, the schedule is packed with 1000+ sessions focused on specific products and key industries, delivering endless opportunities to learn from experts, connect with peers, and share your own knowledge and experience.
  3. The Party Hopper
    The Party Hopper 

    Inforum days are packed with business meetings and sessions designed to optimize the Infor investment, but when the lights go down, there’s no shortage of things to do and that’s the party hopper’s paradise. Past years have found attendees on yachts, rooftops, and inside a New Orleans jazz hall, enjoying all the host city has to offer with like-minded Infor customers. The party hopper RSVP’s yes to all the events and makes a point of stopping by for glass-clinking, handshaking, and an hors d’oeuvre or two. We’re sure this Inforum 2018 attendee will be found on a rooftop overlooking the U.S. Capitol one of the evenings!
  4. The Collector
    The Collector 

    You can’t have too many pens, says The Collector who leaves the conference with every stress ball, fidget spinner, phone wallet, Chapstick and other promotional item the vendors are giving away. For Collectors in attendance, you’ll want to stop by the Avaap booth. We have great SWAG, opportunities to win prizes, and plenty of items for you to take back to your colleagues who weren’t lucky enough to attend Inforum 2018.
  5. The Job Seeker
    The Job Seeker 

    Yes, a good portion of attendees are walking the show floor to learn about the latest innovations, but The Job Seeker is combing for his or her next opportunity. Avaap, with offices in North America and an expanded presence in Pune, India and Barcelona, is hiring. While job seekers are always encouraged to view opportunities on, we’ll have our director of staffing and capacity on site ready to engage in career conversations. Pro-tip: Take notes following your conversation and follow up. Inforum is hectic!
  6. The Thought Leader
    The Thought Leader 

    Want to learn how organizations are rethinking traditional approaches? How to enhance your experience with your cloud solution?  What’s on the horizon for a certain product or solution? There’s no shortage of strategic thought leaders offering insights and looking to build influence in the space. The Thought Leader recognizes Inforum 2018 as an opportunity to invest in themselves as a leader and maximizes every opportunity to leave with actionable take-aways.
  7. The Competitor
    The Competitor

    Customers love Inforum, but the partner community does, too. Inforum is a great opportunity for companies’ larger teams to hear what’s happening in the industry and get broader exposure to innovation in the marketplace. The Competitor loves to pick up literature, listen to conversations between attendees and booth staffers, and gather information that can be used to identify opportunities, risks, and changing industry conditions. With plenty of business to go around, we focus on our relentless commitment to delivering outstanding experiences and welcome the opportunity to interact with our peers.

Avaap is a Gold sponsor of Inforum 2018. Visit our booth and let’s talk about how we can enhance your experience with Infor software.

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