Are you a Software Testing Ninja?

By: Avaap
Date: April 20, 2015

When it comes to efficient patch and upgrade management, manual testing processes just don’t cut it. Normal application of patches and updates demands consideration of business requirements, resources, and schedule availability so comprehensive testing can be performed prior to software deployment. Without an efficient approach, the result can be schedule delays, lack of control, increased risk and excessive calls to the support desk when the system doesn’t function as it should.Automated Infor Lawson Testing

Automated testing tools support a streamlined and efficient test process while mitigating risks associated with software deployment, freeing staff for other work, maximizing productivity, reducing errors, and shortening the test cycle. Avaap Test Automation, designed specifically for organizations that rely on Infor Lawson, includes a jumpstart script library for faster implementation to a more streamlined, efficient process.

Based on our own product roadmap and feedback from Avaap customers, we’ve added the following enhancements for a better automated test solution:

*More user-friendly interface. Save time recording scripts and building test plans with a simple-to-follow user interface that requires no technical or scripting language knowledge. Business users can easily automate and execute a successful test process without the challenge of technical complexities.

*Disabled fixed row line numbering. Avaap Test Automation automatically knows where data is stored for each script.

*Faster reusability of scripts. When playing back scripts, default data is now stored in the script, enabling users to import existing test scripts into their test plan quicker. Users can also access similar datasets and build out test plans at a faster pace.

*Automatic alerts. Receive automatic notifications for non-existent scripts.  Users receive a “script not found” alert when a script has been moved or deleted.

*Expanded comments field. Save data in the newly added comment field to document reasons for script failure and to enhance communication between multiple users.

*Automatic record. As soon as users start recording, the recorder window is launched automatically, increasing efficiencies while minimizing errors.

*Convert and capture from a single screen. Minimize effort to convert recordings into test scripts without needing to toggle between screens.

*Quick script creation. Test scripts can be easily created without having to use Excel, reducing the amount of effort and time required for test script development.

*Keyboard shortcuts for increased productivity. Save time with hotkeys available directly within the recorder, giving users ability to configure repetitive actions into simple commands.

*Auto-increment functionality. Automatic incrementing reduces manual effort, enabling users to automate more of the playback.

*Create unlimited variables. Business rules allow the reuse of multiple variables, enabling users to run a bigger subset of scripts simultaneously.

*Enhanced status bar. Check status and monitor progress using wildcards or exact phrasing.

Automating testing and achieving accurate results can alleviate user burden, support consistent configuration, accelerate your upgrade and ensure your software works as expected – all without having to become a software testing ninja.

Ready to schedule a personal demo of Avaap Test Automation and learn how it can accelerate software testing in your organization? Contact Avaap.

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