Tip Tuesday: The Xi Platform, are you ready for Infor Ming.le 12?

By: Mike Smith
Date: May 30, 2017

What is new in Infor Ming.le 12?

The first thing most people know about Infor Ming.le™ 12 is that it no longer requires SharePoint, and in many cases that is enough of a driving force in itself to explore upgrading. Infor Ming.le 12 does not use SharePoint in any way. It is no longer a requirement or even an option.

While the move from SharePoint is a benefit to installers and system administrators that have to support it, there is much more functionality in the version 12 release that will benefit both technical staff and functional end users of the product.

If you are familiar with Ming.le 11, it had 2 editions: Foundation and Enterprise. With the move to Xi Platform 12.0, there is now a single Infor Ming.le enterprise edition that includes all of the integration and social collaboration components that were available in Infor Ming.le 11 Enterprise.

HTML 5 and the Xi Technology Platform

Infor Ming.le and all version 12 products come with a new HTML 5 user interface. HTML 5 provides broader browser compatibility and removes the requirement for third-party plugins like Microsoft Silverlight. The new UI was developed with broader compatibility in mind including a focus on mobile.  Mobile access to the applications was designed into the interface from the start versus being retrofitted to work with older technology.

Infor Ming.le 12 is the primary product used by the Infor Lawson client base, but the release of Infor Ming.le 12 is included in a set of new version 12 products that are bundled together and commonly known as the Xi Technology Platform. The Xi Technology Platform contains the common UI, integration, security and foundation components for all Infor products. The Xi Platform has been GA for about a year now but the support for specific products and versions have varied over that time. Support for the Infor Lawson products became available in late 2016.

What is the Xi Technology Platform?

The Xi Technology Platform includes the following products:

  • Infor Ming.le 12
  • Infor Homepages 12
  • Infor ION 12
  • Infor ION API 12
  • Infor ION Grid 12
  • Infor Federation Services (IFS) 12
  • Infor Document Management (IDM) 12
  • Infor ION Business Vault 11 *
  • Infor Business Intelligence 11 *

*The Xi Platform includes the Infor Business Vault and Infor Business Intelligence products. These products are current still version 11 but are compatible with Xi and included in the license.  They are separate products from an install standpoint at this time but are planned to be integrated into the Xi platform bundled install in a later release.

The Xi Platform shares a common UI and technology components and integrates all of these product into a single integrated platform with a single UI and install.

Xi Technology Requirements

There are specific technology requirements that must be met to implement the Xi platform. ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) must be used for authentication as LS as STS is no longer supported. LS as STS was a Lawson-specific token signing service available in version 10 but was not supported by the broader Infor product set and will not be supported going forward.  All current applications do support ADFS authentication and would need to be reconfigured.  Xi and ADFS require secure communications and therefore require HTTPS be configured for all applications. The combination of ADFS and HTTPS provide for an industry standard secure authentication and application communication infrastructure.

 See Xi in Action


Compatibility with the Lawson applications include LSF 10.0.9 and Landmark 11.  Landmark 11 refers to the Landmark environment version and not the new FSM (Financial and Supply Chain Management) 11 products also known as Cloud Suite Financials. The Landmark 11 environment is available to run the version 10 Landmark applications and IPA with LSF 10.  You can explore new features as well as what is new in Landmark / IPA 11 on the Infor blog.

License changes

Another important note is the license model.  The license model has changed with Xi.  Infor Ming.le is no longer a separately licensed product. The Xi platform includes all of the products listed above and with the exception of BI are not licensed separately going forward.

Mike Smith is ERP Delivery Manager at Avaap. Reach out to your regional Avaap representative for more information on any Infor ERP or strategic business application or answers to questions on implementing the Xi platform and Infor Ming.le for your team.

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