Webinar Series

Webinar Series

Avaap hosts educational sessions for customers that rely on Infor software. If you’ve missed any of our webinars or want to view a presentation on demand, here is a comprehensive list of our events. Subscribe to our mailing list for notification of upcoming events.

Infor Global HR V11

Join Avaap’s GHR Practice Director Jay Pobis to learn about Infor Global Human Resources (GHR) version 11. We’ll share insight into Infor HCM, a powerful set of applications that features a single platform for global workforce information that captures employee data, positions, competencies, and organizational relationships. This presentation will emphasize benefits and absence management as well as new service delivery methodology for fast, secure implementations and migrations. Register Now.

Infor CloudSuite Financials

Attendees to this session will learn about Infor CloudSuite Financials. We’ll share with you how the heart of the product, the Global Ledger has evolved from Infor Lawson Version 10 and how it could potentially impact not only your organization’s financial systems landscape and how it integrates into your operations, but most importantly, its financial reporting and consolidation process. Register Now.

Managing your Infor Cloud Solution

Avaap’s Managed Services Practice Director Brian Baglieri shares the knowledge you need for cloud management to ensure you have the best plan for continual improvement, cost control and driving the most value from your Infor investment. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of what they need for successful application management and how Avaap CloudSelect Services, a single-source help desk for all Infor cloud application management needs, can enhance the Infor Cloud experience. Register Now.

Inforum 2016: News from the Show Floor

Join Avaap thought leaders for a post-show recap of news from Inforum 2016. Whether you attended the NYC event or are looking to learn what you missed, this action-packed hour will cover everything from new innovations and product announcements to industry insights and behind-the-scenes scoop from the show floor. Register Now.

Infor CloudSuite Financials Version 11 

Attendees to this session will learn about Infor XI, an enterprise technology platform for next-generation applications, and Infor CloudSuite Financials Version 11. We’ll share with you how the heart of the product, the Global Ledger has evolved from Infor Lawson Version 10 and how it could potentially impact not only your organization’s financial system’s landscape and how it integrates into your operations, but most importantly, its financial reporting and consolidation process. Register Now.

Retailers: Is Outdated Technology Holding you Back?

Learn about Infor CloudSuite Retail, including planning, optimization and merchandising solutions as well as Avaap Retail Services. Infor and Avaap executives provide a high-level overview of the solution set and how it can be implemented to improve processes, increase efficiency and provide a consistent customer experience across channels. Register Now.

Insights about the Infor Upgrade Path

There’s a lot happening for Infor’s healthcare community, especially for Lawson customers. Infor continues to make substantial investments with the goal of providing you with access to new functionality and more deployment options than ever before. Avaap experts will lead this dynamic session, sharing tips and tricks for a seamless migration based on real-world experiences. Register Now.

Infor Global HR v11

Avaap’s Solution Architect Jay Pobis shares an overview of the functionalities available within Infor Global HR version 11, a best-in-class human resources management solution. This session has specific emphasis on the inclusion of Benefits Administration and Absence Management as Landmark-based applications. Register Now.

Infor Next Recap Webinar

Join Avaap’s executive team and Infor’s senior director and global retail strategist as they share insight from the San Diego and Chicago show floors, new product announcements made at Infor Next, including the launch of Infor’s retail-specific software, and other key updates that may be of significance to your organization. Register Now.

Is Your Upgrade on the Fast Track?

Take an hour to learn how you can jumpstart your upgrade and get faster time to value from your Infor investment. Avaap thought leaders discuss customer upgrade progress, new or enhanced functionality in version 10, and how Avaap’s Scripted Installs can accelerate the upgrade schedule and shorten your upgrade time frame by four weeks or more. Register Now.

Realizing HCM Optimization

Join us and get up to speed on what’s new with Infor HCM and how you can develop an integrated talent management roadmap to address today’s talent challenges.  Attendees will take a peek at the product set and learn how to get started on the journey to realizing HCM optimization. Register Now.

Forecast: Clear and Cloudy. What does the Cloud hold for You?

Join Avaap thought leaders to learn about the benefits of cloud, how it can make you more competitive, and what you need to consider when comparing cloud to traditional on premise deployment. Attendees will learn about the differences in cloud terminology; benefits and drawbacks of cloud and traditional deployments, and how to select the right cloud partner. Register Now.

Security Dashboard – Get Visibility Into Your Lawson Security Data

Join this presentation for a live demonstration of Avaap Security Dashboard, a turnkey solution that simplifies security and compliance reporting. Avaap Security Dashboard includes a library of Segregation of Duty (SoD) conflicts and pre-built reports to satisfy internal and external security audits. Take a tour of the solution and learn how it can help you increase visibility into Lawson security data. Register Now.

Updates from Infor Winter Showcase – The Avaap Recap

Avaap executives take attendees to the front lines at Winter Showcase, recapping all the latest news on Infor Financials Xi, Infor HCM and other announcements made at the three-day event. Listen to the webinar and get up-to-date on all the latest Infor announcements. Register Now.

Accelerate Testing and Upgrade with Ease

Avaap Product Manager Massimo Emilione takes attendees through the challenges of manual testing and how automating testing processes can shorten the upgrade cycle by approximately four weeks. See Avaap Test Automation in action and how it delivers return on investment and faster access to your Infor technology. Register Now.

Continuing the Journey To Infor10

Join Avaap’s Dave Thomas for a dynamic presentation on the customer journey to Infor10. This informative hour features updates on customer upgrades, some common myths surrounding system changes, introduction to Avaap Managed Services and best practices and tools for efficiently getting to Infor10 and beyond. Register Now.

Upgrade Infor M3 with Ease

Infor Consulting Services and Avaap have teamed up to offer an efficient, low-risk upgrade solution to help customers upgrade to the latest release of Infor M3—either on premises or in the cloud. Learn about the streamlined offering to get you up to speed quickly on the latest release of Infor M3 with the highest degrees of security, quality, and predictability. Register Now.

Avaap Test Automation

As updates and system changes occur, organizations need to participate in system testing to ensure software continues to perform optimally and delivers expected capabilities. This session discusses the necessity of system testing to ensure system quality and the burden of manual repetitive testing tasks on scarce resources and how it results in a less effective and less efficient testing process. Attendees to this session will learn how an automated process can alleviate the strain on business users and IT resources, and reduce costs, improve the testing process, and provide opportunity for better analysis of Infor Lawson functionality – enabling organizations to achieve greater value from the technology investment. Register Now.

Avaap Test Automation: A Customer’s Perspective

With an Infor Lawson upgrade looming ahead and staff shortages, minimal documentation and scripts, and an accelerated migration schedule, ProMedica needed a solution to accelerate the testing process, increase accuracy and alleviate the inefficiencies of repetitive manual testing activities. This information-packed hour features ProMedica’s Director of HRIS and Recruiting Scott Gibson and Avaap’s Vice President Brett Weiss as they discuss how the healthcare organization streamlined its testing process with Avaap Test Automation, creating a more efficient, accurate and accelerated testing process. Register Now.

The Transformative Power of Automation

Paper overload at any point in the accounts payable lifecycle results in increased costs, process inefficiencies and security and control risks. If your organization is overburdened with too many invoices, purchase orders and late payments, AP automation can streamline the entire AP process from approval of invoices through to payment. This webinar shares insight for implementing AP Automation, the benefits of the Infor Landmark Java framework and how this distinctive application framework can reduce complexity of future implementations. Register Now.

The Road to Infor10

Infor10 marries modern technologies with traditional applications, delivering the best of both worlds—solutions backed by decades of practical application and continually enhanced with the latest innovations. This presentation explores the challenges organizations face and how Infor’s modern software solution transforms the way employees work to meet changing demands. Register Now.

Ensuring a Stress-Free CAFR Process

This informative hour provides attendees with best practices for addressing the challenges of Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) compliance and a live demo of Avaap’s CAFR solution.  Attendees will come away with an understanding of the key components of a successful CAFR solution, the features and benefits that make the biggest difference for anyone responsible for accurate financial reporting, and how to ensure a successful, stress-free CAFR process. Register Now.

Requisition Dashboard

As procurement processes grow more complex, the simplest question can be the most challenging: “What’s the status of my requisition?” Now, there’s an enterprise-grade answer. Avaap Requisition Dashboard delivers a dashboard of the entire requisition lifecycle, from requisition to payment, providing the insight needed to support an efficient requisition process. Learn how Avaap Requisition Dashboard simplifies Infor Lawson navigation, facilitates compliance and increases visibility across the requisition life cycle. Register Now.

Post-Inforum Recap

Avaap President and CEO Dhiraj Shah along with other key executives from Avaap share insight from the Infor boardroom and new product announcements from Inforum 2014 including Infor’s next generation financials (Infor Xi), Infor CloudSuite and other key updates that may be of significance to organizations that rely on Infor Lawson for financial, supply chain and human resource management. Register Now.

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